Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hijab a Sign of Modesty and not a security Risk

Hijab literally means a curtain or cover; most of the Muslims refer this to also as three dimensional curtains that offer privacy. Though it is used mostly for the head scarf, it refers to the modesty and morality in our daily garb and also interactions with opposite gender. The word for the coverings used in Quran is Khimar (cloak) and Jilbaab (loose robe). In Quran it is stated
“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimār over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. (Quran 24:31)
Hijab equally applies to men and they are commanded to lower their gaze and dress modestly. Their interaction with women should be with respect.
The Hijab is seen in different ways in different parts of the world, the most visible or recognizable are the one with head scarf and long dress seen mostly in Arab countries, “ burqa” ( which covers the whole body including face) is commonly seen in South Asia and Afghanistan and “Chaddar” ( a large shawl covering the head) is mostly worn in Iran, South and South East Asia.
Over the years There has been much misunderstanding of Hijab among non Muslims. Mostly it is thought to be sign of “oppression”. Abuse of rights of Muslim women in different parts of the world; Muslim and non Muslim countries has nothing to do with Islam. Subjugation of women, mistreatment verbally and physically is a predicament for the whole human race, no matter what the faith or ethnic origin is. Denying a Muslim woman education or working outside the home is not dictated by Islam but a cultural practice albeit wrong one. This should not automatically label the dress of those women or their interaction with the society as being “oppressed”. Modesty and covering the head is not exclusive to Islam, this tradition of modesty was and is being practiced by Christian women (nuns) and many Jewish women. The illustration of Mary is always with head cover and is a sign of her purity and holiness. Nuns covering their heads are a symbol of modesty and submission to their God. Orthodox married Jewish women usually cover their heads (tallit) following their faith.
The paternalistic view of western societies and misunderstanding by many organizations unfortunately leads to wasted efforts in “helping women to get rid of this garb” rather than improving their quality of lives. We need to spend our efforts in improving the education of women in societies where there is subjugation of women due to lack of education and cultural practices. Choosing what to wear is a person’s right and we should leave that to the norms of society. Assigning a meaning of suppression to what is supposed to be sign of modesty does not lead to meeting of the minds and can lead to hindrance to the well intentioned efforts to help women in different parts of the world.
For Muslim women wearing the Hijab is part of their clothing; TSA members do “pat down” in selected cases, why can’t the same rule applied to head scarves. If there is still security concern the woman can be searched in a separate area by a woman TSA member. In many countries there are two separate sections at the airports and women are searched in privacy. It cannot be told how many times it crosses our mind when we see people being searched at the airports that we should also have private sections. It is stated at the airports “if you prefer to be searched in private please ask”. We are in a hurry at the airports and dread being taken to a different area and be delayed more.
In our diverse society we have to be very sensitive to people’s religious observances and cultural practices. Respecting someone’s beliefs is the cornerstone of civil society. We can work together to find a way where we do not offend anyone’s sensibilities and have a secure border.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To laugh in the face of death

He is the anytime stand-up comic: make that sit-down, lie back, and even asleep... err make love. Which is not to say, he is not a pro at that either. So, then. Big fat surprise that Chennai’s crag Gallyot should recommend that you laugh your way through doomsday blues. Does he believe the world is hurtling to an end? In all comic seriousness (go figure that one), he says, “Yes, it sure hell is! These Mayans may not have known how to domesticate cattle but they knew their planets, and their movements, outside in. one half of comic duo Craig and Cary. (Edwards) says all you are “sure to be spreading a good word about me soon!”

Come on guys, get yourself some shelter of course, you have a roof over your heads. But you’ll need more. Now is the time to get zeroing in on all those loaded people out there. Think dr. Vijay Mallya, the Ambanis, think whatever… but think hard. Think of ways you are going to storm their citadels. Invade googlearth, find the exact coordinates, latitudes, and plan your move. Remember, this is an emergency, so etiquette can take a hike.

Find spirits to keep you happy now that you are in a protected zone (of course, you are. You think the industrialist spent millions on his tower without installing anti-disaster mechanisms?), think larder and libation. Attack the bar, raid the fridge.

Say hello to the chemist you wouldn’t be so daft as to forget your medicines. So get stocking on them; everything from that sinusitis inhaler to a Viagra pop.

Plan your own republicif you survive the Mayan scare (assuming most other don’t), it’s a good time to test your entrepreneurship and sprit of enterprise. Choose your men wisely. And choose the women even better. Here’s your chance the women even better. Here your chance to curve your own future, draft your own currency, design a flag, and be the first citizen of a spanking new utopia. And once you are done declaring yourself president, get down to creating your social networking site. Can you even think of serving without one? The ruler out to have followers, Right?
Repopulate the world. You have a few hot women and                  a bunch of virile men… you did the choosing! Now is the time to get busy between the sheets and get those     numbers back.

Finally! If you are still hyperventilating, I suggest you pack your bags and head to amaranth. God anole can save you.

Best Tips To Get Rid Of An Hangover Fast

Have you ever had far too much to drink the other day? Had so much fun on a Saturday evening? Stumbling out of bed having a hangover could be an extremely agonizing and frequently incapacitating feel. If you wish to get rid of a hangover, that can be done by stop it from possibly taking place to start with by taking into advisement such handful of simple recommendations.
To get rid of hangover prior to going out partying make sure you take a multi-vitamin and have a full stomach just before drinking alcoholic drinks. Shortage of vitamin B-12 and also hypoglycemia could make you very likely to getting a hangover. Alcoholic drinks is a diuretic. This means, when you ingest it in huge amounts, it’s going to deprive the body with plenty of essential fluids and electrolytes.
If you are dehydrated, the alcohol will stay longer in your system giving you a hangover. In order to prevent this, when out partying, be sure to alternate drinking water with your alcoholic drink. In this way, the hangover causing alcohol will be flushed quickly from your body.
When you get home, before you sleep, drink some Gatorade to replenish some of the sugars and electrolytes lost from the effect of visiting the bathroom too often because of the alcohol. In order to get rid of hangover quickly when you wake up, eat something no matter what. Even a cracker can do wonders for your body.
Stay away from taking coffee if you have a hangover for the reason that caffeine constricts the blood vessels upping your blood pressure and may possibly aggravate the hangover. Coffee is yet another diuretic that may deprive your body with fluids as well as electrolytes. If you happen to be a frequent coffee enthusiast each day, going for a sip or two is all right just so you won’t have a caffeine withdrawal headache along with your hangover.
Enjoying liquor as well as suffering from a throbbing migraine the following day is without a doubt a very common predicament. But were you aware that it’s not at all that difficult to get rid of a hangover.Discovering how to get rid of a hangover is the solution.

Am I Pregnant ? Do Want To Check Out If You Are Pregnant ? Simple Steps To Check If You Are Pregnant Or Not.

When a woman's period comes late, one of the first questions she asks is Am I pregnant?"Fortunately, there are many symptoms of pregnancy that a woman can look for if she is uncertain.
Am I Pregnant? The Missed Period
The most common sign of pregnancy is the missed period. This event, or non-event, is what typically triggers the questions and concerns a woman may have about being pregnant. Whether she was planning a child, or it comes as a surprise, missing a period may be the time she wonders first if she could be pregnant.
Of course, not every woman will miss her first period, or be aware that she did. Some women may experience implantation bleeding and cramping that can mimic a light period. This can be mistaken for a regular menstrual cycle without actually being one. For some women, the pregnancy hormones may be too low to properly stop a period from happening. This does not necessarily mean that a miscarriage is happening or is about to happen. Some women have normal, healthy pregnancies despite low hormone levels in the beginning.
Am I Pregnant? Other Signs of Pregnancy
There are many other symptoms that can cause a woman to ask if she is pregnant. Many women experience morning sickness and nausea, tenderness and swelling of the breasts, increased vaginal mucus, and headaches during the early weeks of pregnancy. When more than one of these symptoms of pregnancy are happening together, it may be a sign that pregnancy has occurred.
Am I Pregnant? Taking a Pregnancy Test
The easiest way to answer the question "Am I Pregnant?" is to take a pregnancy tests. There are many at-home pregnancy tests that can be purchased for personal use. These tests check for levels of hCG, an important pregnancy hormone, in the urine. The amount of this hormone can vary greatly from one woman to next, yet it is typically high enough to detect in pregnant women by 7-10 days after conception.
The best time to use a pregnancy test is early in the morning after your have already missed your period. The body needs time to build up enough hCG to be detectable by the test, though there are some tests now that allow for earlier times. Making sure that the test is done when you have not urinated for several hours ensures that there is a strong concentration of hCG in the urine to be detectable.
When missing a period comes as a complete surprise, many women start wondering "Am I pregnant?" Experiencing the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be a good indicator that conception has happened. The best way to be certain, however, is to take a reliable pregnancy test. If you are still not sure, your doctor will be able to do other tests to give you a definitive answer.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How To Kiss A Complete Guide Step By Step

Make sure your lips are moisturized and soft
Make sure your breath smells good (read the mini-guide on page
And your body too, take a shower

Step 1:

Make the other person feel comfortable. If your partner looks nervous, calm him/her down a little bit, say some nice things and put up a cute smile.

Step 2:

Touch your partners face, stroke it lightly. Touching someone’s face lightly is a lot more sensitive and erotic than hard stroking. Move your eyes between your partners eyes and his/her lips.

Step 3:

Give a small kiss on the cheek, and then look in your partners eyes, smile again.

Step 4:

Move in for the kiss, slowly. Tilt your head a little bit so your noses don’t hit each other. Close your eyes and do not stick your tongue in immediately, just give a slow and sweet kiss on the lips. Kiss either his/her lower lip or upper lip, it doesn’t really matter, but pick one.

Step 5:

Open your eyes and look at each other, time to smile again. Lightly stroke your partners face again, and go in for another kiss.

Step 6:

Repeat step 4 and 5 as long as you want, vary between the upper lip and the lower lip. If you feel you’re both ready to go on for real French kissing, than move to step 7.

Step 7:

Repeat step 4, but now slightly brush your tongue over his/her lips slightly, and watch for the response. If it’s positive, you can move on to step 8.

Step 8:

Do the same thing again, but this time, stick your tongue in a little but further. Do not shove in your whole tongue in your partners throat at once, keep it slow and sensitive. If you want, you can place your hand in the back of your partners neck.

Step 9:

When you’re kissing, brush you’re tongue against his/her tongue. Make some circles or figure 8’s. You could also explore his/her mouth a bit with you’re tongue. Just go with the flow, everyone is a bit different. Just don’t start making circles like a blender and don’t let your tongue sit there doing nothing.

Step 10:

From time to time, pull back, and repeat step 9 again. It’s definitely good to vary a little bit by tilting your head to the other side from time to time. If you had your head tilted to the left, tilt it to the right next time.

Different tongue movements
Circles – Circling your tongues around each other
Figure 8’s – The same as the circle, but now your moving in an 8 figure
Pushing your partners tongue up, down, left or right
Bullying, by pulling your tongue back and moving it back in
Be playful and creative, go with the flow!

Kissing Variations

Moving your head while kissing, for example in circles or figure 8’s
Bullying, by pulling back if you’re partner tries to go in for another kiss, then moving in for the kiss yourself when they react to your pulling back
Standing behind your partner, and kissing over the shoulder
Kissing different body parts (face, neck, or lower…) in between

What to do with your hands?

In the back of your partners neck
On your partners butt
Touching/stroking your partners face
In the your partners back pockets (not to long)
Use your imagination! Be creative and random

Things to avoid / Most made mistakes:

Making very fast circles with your tongue, like a washing machine.
Leaving your tongue in their mouth, doing nothing. This is a big turnoff.
Sticking your tongue in to deep, if you’re partner starts choking, you’re in to deep.
Starting to tongue-kiss to early, follow all the steps above and don’t go from step 1 to step 8.
Forgetting to breathe through your nose, if you kiss a bit longer this is going to be important.
Not using your hands, see above for some tips on how to use them.
kissing to wet, make sure you swallow your saliva before you kiss.
Problems with a bad breath, make sure you deal with this before you kiss (see the miniguide below).

Miniguide for a good breath:

Brush your teeth
Wet your tongue with water
Buy an Oralbrush,it's a tongue cleaner designed to perfectly clean your tongue and make it softer too. If you don't want an Oralbrush, take a spoon, doesn't work as well but it's still better than nothing. You only need 1, it lasts a lot longer than a toothbrush.
If you have an Oralbrush: Use the soft rubber hairs to clean and soften your tongue, and then use the hard scraper to scrape your tongue. The smelly stuff will stick to the rubber hairs. Repeat this until nothing comes of your tongue anymore. Read the instructions if you want to know how to use it in more detail.
If you want to use a spoon: Scrape your tongue with the spoon a couple of times.
After using the spoon, use mouthwash or brush your teeth again
Just prior to kissing, you could use some mouth spray or take a peppermint flavored chewing gum.