Sunday, January 1, 2012

How To Kiss A Complete Guide Step By Step

Make sure your lips are moisturized and soft
Make sure your breath smells good (read the mini-guide on page
And your body too, take a shower

Step 1:

Make the other person feel comfortable. If your partner looks nervous, calm him/her down a little bit, say some nice things and put up a cute smile.

Step 2:

Touch your partners face, stroke it lightly. Touching someone’s face lightly is a lot more sensitive and erotic than hard stroking. Move your eyes between your partners eyes and his/her lips.

Step 3:

Give a small kiss on the cheek, and then look in your partners eyes, smile again.

Step 4:

Move in for the kiss, slowly. Tilt your head a little bit so your noses don’t hit each other. Close your eyes and do not stick your tongue in immediately, just give a slow and sweet kiss on the lips. Kiss either his/her lower lip or upper lip, it doesn’t really matter, but pick one.

Step 5:

Open your eyes and look at each other, time to smile again. Lightly stroke your partners face again, and go in for another kiss.

Step 6:

Repeat step 4 and 5 as long as you want, vary between the upper lip and the lower lip. If you feel you’re both ready to go on for real French kissing, than move to step 7.

Step 7:

Repeat step 4, but now slightly brush your tongue over his/her lips slightly, and watch for the response. If it’s positive, you can move on to step 8.

Step 8:

Do the same thing again, but this time, stick your tongue in a little but further. Do not shove in your whole tongue in your partners throat at once, keep it slow and sensitive. If you want, you can place your hand in the back of your partners neck.

Step 9:

When you’re kissing, brush you’re tongue against his/her tongue. Make some circles or figure 8’s. You could also explore his/her mouth a bit with you’re tongue. Just go with the flow, everyone is a bit different. Just don’t start making circles like a blender and don’t let your tongue sit there doing nothing.

Step 10:

From time to time, pull back, and repeat step 9 again. It’s definitely good to vary a little bit by tilting your head to the other side from time to time. If you had your head tilted to the left, tilt it to the right next time.

Different tongue movements
Circles – Circling your tongues around each other
Figure 8’s – The same as the circle, but now your moving in an 8 figure
Pushing your partners tongue up, down, left or right
Bullying, by pulling your tongue back and moving it back in
Be playful and creative, go with the flow!

Kissing Variations

Moving your head while kissing, for example in circles or figure 8’s
Bullying, by pulling back if you’re partner tries to go in for another kiss, then moving in for the kiss yourself when they react to your pulling back
Standing behind your partner, and kissing over the shoulder
Kissing different body parts (face, neck, or lower…) in between

What to do with your hands?

In the back of your partners neck
On your partners butt
Touching/stroking your partners face
In the your partners back pockets (not to long)
Use your imagination! Be creative and random

Things to avoid / Most made mistakes:

Making very fast circles with your tongue, like a washing machine.
Leaving your tongue in their mouth, doing nothing. This is a big turnoff.
Sticking your tongue in to deep, if you’re partner starts choking, you’re in to deep.
Starting to tongue-kiss to early, follow all the steps above and don’t go from step 1 to step 8.
Forgetting to breathe through your nose, if you kiss a bit longer this is going to be important.
Not using your hands, see above for some tips on how to use them.
kissing to wet, make sure you swallow your saliva before you kiss.
Problems with a bad breath, make sure you deal with this before you kiss (see the miniguide below).

Miniguide for a good breath:

Brush your teeth
Wet your tongue with water
Buy an Oralbrush,it's a tongue cleaner designed to perfectly clean your tongue and make it softer too. If you don't want an Oralbrush, take a spoon, doesn't work as well but it's still better than nothing. You only need 1, it lasts a lot longer than a toothbrush.
If you have an Oralbrush: Use the soft rubber hairs to clean and soften your tongue, and then use the hard scraper to scrape your tongue. The smelly stuff will stick to the rubber hairs. Repeat this until nothing comes of your tongue anymore. Read the instructions if you want to know how to use it in more detail.
If you want to use a spoon: Scrape your tongue with the spoon a couple of times.
After using the spoon, use mouthwash or brush your teeth again
Just prior to kissing, you could use some mouth spray or take a peppermint flavored chewing gum.

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