Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Am I Pregnant ? Do Want To Check Out If You Are Pregnant ? Simple Steps To Check If You Are Pregnant Or Not.

When a woman's period comes late, one of the first questions she asks is Am I pregnant?"Fortunately, there are many symptoms of pregnancy that a woman can look for if she is uncertain.
Am I Pregnant? The Missed Period
The most common sign of pregnancy is the missed period. This event, or non-event, is what typically triggers the questions and concerns a woman may have about being pregnant. Whether she was planning a child, or it comes as a surprise, missing a period may be the time she wonders first if she could be pregnant.
Of course, not every woman will miss her first period, or be aware that she did. Some women may experience implantation bleeding and cramping that can mimic a light period. This can be mistaken for a regular menstrual cycle without actually being one. For some women, the pregnancy hormones may be too low to properly stop a period from happening. This does not necessarily mean that a miscarriage is happening or is about to happen. Some women have normal, healthy pregnancies despite low hormone levels in the beginning.
Am I Pregnant? Other Signs of Pregnancy
There are many other symptoms that can cause a woman to ask if she is pregnant. Many women experience morning sickness and nausea, tenderness and swelling of the breasts, increased vaginal mucus, and headaches during the early weeks of pregnancy. When more than one of these symptoms of pregnancy are happening together, it may be a sign that pregnancy has occurred.
Am I Pregnant? Taking a Pregnancy Test
The easiest way to answer the question "Am I Pregnant?" is to take a pregnancy tests. There are many at-home pregnancy tests that can be purchased for personal use. These tests check for levels of hCG, an important pregnancy hormone, in the urine. The amount of this hormone can vary greatly from one woman to next, yet it is typically high enough to detect in pregnant women by 7-10 days after conception.
The best time to use a pregnancy test is early in the morning after your have already missed your period. The body needs time to build up enough hCG to be detectable by the test, though there are some tests now that allow for earlier times. Making sure that the test is done when you have not urinated for several hours ensures that there is a strong concentration of hCG in the urine to be detectable.
When missing a period comes as a complete surprise, many women start wondering "Am I pregnant?" Experiencing the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be a good indicator that conception has happened. The best way to be certain, however, is to take a reliable pregnancy test. If you are still not sure, your doctor will be able to do other tests to give you a definitive answer.

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