Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To laugh in the face of death

He is the anytime stand-up comic: make that sit-down, lie back, and even asleep... err make love. Which is not to say, he is not a pro at that either. So, then. Big fat surprise that Chennai’s crag Gallyot should recommend that you laugh your way through doomsday blues. Does he believe the world is hurtling to an end? In all comic seriousness (go figure that one), he says, “Yes, it sure hell is! These Mayans may not have known how to domesticate cattle but they knew their planets, and their movements, outside in. one half of comic duo Craig and Cary. (Edwards) says all you are “sure to be spreading a good word about me soon!”

Come on guys, get yourself some shelter of course, you have a roof over your heads. But you’ll need more. Now is the time to get zeroing in on all those loaded people out there. Think dr. Vijay Mallya, the Ambanis, think whatever… but think hard. Think of ways you are going to storm their citadels. Invade googlearth, find the exact coordinates, latitudes, and plan your move. Remember, this is an emergency, so etiquette can take a hike.

Find spirits to keep you happy now that you are in a protected zone (of course, you are. You think the industrialist spent millions on his tower without installing anti-disaster mechanisms?), think larder and libation. Attack the bar, raid the fridge.

Say hello to the chemist you wouldn’t be so daft as to forget your medicines. So get stocking on them; everything from that sinusitis inhaler to a Viagra pop.

Plan your own republicif you survive the Mayan scare (assuming most other don’t), it’s a good time to test your entrepreneurship and sprit of enterprise. Choose your men wisely. And choose the women even better. Here’s your chance the women even better. Here your chance to curve your own future, draft your own currency, design a flag, and be the first citizen of a spanking new utopia. And once you are done declaring yourself president, get down to creating your social networking site. Can you even think of serving without one? The ruler out to have followers, Right?
Repopulate the world. You have a few hot women and                  a bunch of virile men… you did the choosing! Now is the time to get busy between the sheets and get those     numbers back.

Finally! If you are still hyperventilating, I suggest you pack your bags and head to amaranth. God anole can save you.

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